About Us


Incorporated on 29 July 1965, PRYCONSA is a benchmark company in the field of real estate development due to its market power, experience, diversification and growth.

The presence of PRYCONSA in the housing market over the last 50 years has earned the confidence of over 55,000 buyers throughout Spain, probably making it the real estate developer with the largest number of homes built out of all those that currently make up the Real Estate sector.

In 2007, PRYCONSA began operating in the Spanish renewable energy sector as a result of its commitment to the environment and with the responsible management of natural resources. PRYCONSA comprises a portfolio of power generation facilities based on solar photovoltaic technology; developing, building and operating various power generation facilities and becoming an independent energy producer in 2008 with a 100% renewable generation portfolio. Through a number of investment processes, PRYCONSA has gradually added new solar photovoltaic facilities in Spain to thus increase its generation capacity.

PRYCONSA’s permanent commitment to the sustainability of our planet and the synergies stemming from its international operations as a Real Estate developer led PRYCONSA to expand internationally in the renewable energies sector in 2010. Its existing portfolio of international projects includes the development of both wind power and solar photovoltaic facilities.

Finally, PRYNERGIA was incorporated in 2015. This company within the PRYCONSA business group is responsible for power generation assets and ongoing projects, thus strengthening its capacity to continue tackling new international challenges in a way that is fully in line with the company’s commitment to reducing the problems caused by climate change and global warming to our health and society in general.


The PRYNERGIA team has extensive experience in renewable energy project development, combining successful professional careers in the sector with broad knowledge of the various renewable energy technologies that exist today.

The team mainly consists of engineers, lawyers and economists capable of effectively combining the multidisciplinary knowledge required for the implementation and operation of renewable power generation projects.

Hence, the PRYNERGIA team fully covers the range of services required in its areas of business:

Resource study

Feasibility studies

Administrative license and permit applications

Preliminary designs and basic plans

Engineering, Procurement and Construction

Works management and supervision

Operation and maintenance management

Administrative facility management